Powerful 15 Min Morning Routine that will CHANGE your LIFE

Quantum morning routine creates the ideal energetic vibration for your entire day. You will be in God-mode (technically, you are God, but that’s a different topic!).  Charge up your Earthship with this epic morning workout routine.

Humans are Quantum

In both massive universal phenomena and tiny quantum interactions alike, the initial conditions are of tantamount importance. 

For example, the initial conditions at the Big Bang set the tone for the rest of the universe’s evolution. What if the first hydrogen and helium atoms had formed 10 minutes after the big bang (instead of after about 5 minutes)?

Image: Evolution of universe, the Big Bang is quite the morning routine!

Well, in all likelihood, the first stars, galaxies and planets would have formed much later. Earth would probably not exist (at least, not in any recognisable form). Let’s say Earth somehow did come into existence despite this 5 minute delay, then certainly life on Earth would look completely different. All this because of a 5-minute difference in initial conditions.

This butterfly effect is even more relevant on the very small quantum scale (and a lot stranger!). In fact, in the context of quantum uncertainty, particle-wave duality, tunnelling and reversal of cause and effect (just to name a few of the weirder ones), one could almost argue that the initial conditions are all that matter. 

Image: Computer simulation of quantum fluctuations; various constellations dependent on initial conditions

In high school, I found it incredibly odd when my teachers would admit that Newtonian physics is a false theory and yet ask us to use it for practical purposes because “quantum theory is only for atoms and stuff”. “But, aren’t we made of a bunch of atoms? Why wouldn’t it also apply to us?” I would ask – often to the annoyance of my teachers.

We are made of atoms, atoms are composed of subatomic particles which abide by the laws of quantum mechanics. Thus, we as humans are just extremely complex quantum mechanical systems. Even at our enormous scale, each human being actually has a wavelength – albeit a minuscule one – but a wavelength, nonetheless. 

Although we do not yet possess the technology to accurately model and understand all the interactions happening within us at the quantum level, we are inescapably quantum – because we are composed of subatomic particles.

Going the route of my high school teachers and coddling Newtonian physics because the quantum is too complex to be useful mass level is inauthentic at best. It’s equivalent to saying “I know the Earth must be round in theory, but since I can’t see the curvature from this scale, let’s just assume it’s flat”. Yes, I said it, assuming we are Newtonian objects of mass is equivalent to being a flat-earther!

Rant over 🙂

The point is that humans beings are part of the universe. We are also complex quantum systems. Therefore, setting our initial conditions each day are just as important to our well-being as the big bang was to the evolution of the universe. 

So what is the Quantum Morning Routine? Keep reading.

Quantum Morning Routine

This 15-minute, 3-part morning routine is designed to cultivate the optimal internal vibration at the start of our day. I mean that literally and figuratively. Since we lack the technology to measure the quantum interactions inside the human body, this morning routine must be valued experientially.

So try it out yourself, start your day the quantum way:

Part I: Get High 🌞 – 3 Rounds of DMT Breathing

Amazingly, we homo sapiens create DMT effects through only breathing. There are several guides online on how to do this – they all work. My version is motivated by my background in yoga and kundalini tantra. I place focus on the internal landscape of breathing as well as the external mechanics. It takes a bit more focus, but I believe the superior potential for personal growth, awareness and expansion merit the effort. Check out my detailed guide on how to product DMT through meditation here

Part II: Get Pumped 💪 – 3 Rounds of Pushup Pranayama

Pushup pranayama is a practice that combines a classic strength-building exercise with deep, full breathing and breath retention. Similar to my philosophy on DMT breathing, I focus on internal awareness as well an external alignment. Check out full instructions on pushup pranayama here

Part III: Get Cold 🥶 – 3 Minutes Cold Shower

Popularised by Wim Hof, cold showers and cold therapy have increasingly gained mainstream traction – and rightfully so! The health benefits are manifold. I’ve learned to love cold showers. Yes, love. I love cold therapy because it’s the real ego killer. Think about it – proper form pushups and correct breathing technique take time and practice to master. In contrast literally anyone can do a 3-minute cold shower, so where does the resistance come from? It’s all from the ego. The ego seeks to maintain the status quo (in this case, your skin temperature) and craves comfort. For this reason, a cold shower is one of the most efficient ways to remind the ego that it’s full of it – and naturally release tons of feel-good chemicals as well.

General Breathing Tips:

Breathing is something all of us do, yet few do well. We must actively teach ourselves how to breathe properly. Check out some great tips on general breathing mechanics, technique and intention here


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