Amargi Kimonos

Sustainably Hand-made in Japan for
the Fashionable Nomad

100% Sustainably Hand-made in Kyoto, Japan (₿) We Accept Bitcoin

Bespoke, authentic Kimonos #forthefree
Preserving the traditional Japanese features sported by fashionable samurai for centuries, we’ve created four designs representing four unique spirits. Four complementary paths which lead to the same destination. Choose the one that resonates in your spine
Bespoke, authentic Kimonos
Choose your Own Energetic Adventure
Artisanal Lifestyle Kimonos For the Fashionable Nomad

Environmentally-Friendly Fabric Mix

Indestructible Stitching

Fade-resistant Dyeing


All Amargi kimonos are crafted from an organic cotton/linen blend, ensuring strength, durability, and environmental friendliness. As a delightful bonus, the fabric blend not only exudes style but also molds itself to the body, achieving a more natural fit with each wear. We’ve rigorously tested this quality by regularly wearing our kimonos for years, navigating extreme environments in Southeast Asia, South/Central America, and India.
Our commitment extends to top-notch, fade-resistant dyeing. The Japanese approach the kimono printing and dyeing process with utmost seriousness, adhering to government regulations that ensure both quality and fastness—resistance to fading.


At Amargi, we live our brand. Our brand is for explorers, world-travellers, nomads, digital ronins and adventurers – people who often find themselves in extreme environments and need a kimono that can keep up.
The kagarinui stitching runs along the shoulder and torso seam of every Amargi kimono. This stitching makes for a much more breathable garment by allowing air circulation along both sides of the kimono while also reinforcing it’s structural integrity.

For Fashionable Nomads


Designs for any body type
Because of the unique tying style of the Amargi Kimono, you can achieve a fitted looked regardless of waist size. The kimono is adjusted on the inside tie as desired, then tied over on the outside for a seamless look – or left totally open in warmer climates.

Note: The Warrior Monk and Mindful Fuckboy designs are 3 cm shorter than the Psychedelic Dude and King Solomon designs. Though difference is barely noticeable, it was an aesthetic choice on our part.

Excellent comfort, fit and natural hang after usage. Versatile usage for indoor chilling or wild party nights alike.”