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Expand Consciousness, Live Free
Creating a nation of visionaries, adventurers, seekers, pioneers, and rebels. Embark on a transformative odyssey to awaken self-discovery and embrace unparalleled freedom – within and worldwide.
We envision establishing a new type of nation – a decentralized home for yogis, nomads, mystics & warriors
Amargi is a revolution that aims to be a positive force for change by catalysing the evolution of human consciousness and freedom around the world. Our goal is to promote greater understanding and liberty for all. We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come. We will leverage blockchain technology to make this nation uncensorable, insuppressible and eternal.
Envision establishing
# forthefree
Amargi is for
spiritual warriors

For those that ask the important questions in search of unusual answers. Amargi is for those that remember or seek to remember the cosmic knowledge and ancestral wisdom written in our DNA. Amargi is for people unafraid to be authentic and to respectfully not give a fuck.

Amargi is for free thinkers
Experience the power of Tantric Breathwork
Experience the power of Tantric Breathwork – a transformative journey of self-discovery, spiritual exploration, and profound connection. Inspired by the ancient philosophy of Tantra, our program weaves together your body, mind, and spirit. Transcend the mundane, ignite your spirit, and unleash your true potential. Embark on a path that will awaken your senses and unlock the essence of who you are.
Discover your hidden potential

Discover your hidden potential with our Chakra Meditation Course

Discover your hidden potential with our Chakra Meditation Course – the ultimate crash course to awaken your chakras. With a practical, authentic approach and bonus materials, dive deep into your being to uncover the knowledge you need. Our transformative series connects you to your inner self, unlocking a world of self-discovery and inner peace. Don’t settle for anything less. Join us on this journey today.
Amargi Kimonos #forthefree
For the fashion-conscious nomad, handmade in Kyoto, Japan
Preserving the traditional Japanese features sported by fashionable samurai for centuries, while slightly altering the cut for a more natural appearance and dramatically changing the printed design to represent our cosmic brand message. If you’re going to expand your consciousness, don’t do it in a suit!
Becoming Superhuman
What You Say
Doing Amargi breathwork with Ozel was a beautiful and profound experience! I felt safe and welcomed by his guidance, his energy was super nice and grounding. You can tell from his posture and breathing capacity that breathwork is a comfortable place for him to be :) I would definitely suggest it to someone that is looking to go deep into the unknown paths of our body-mind-soul integration!

A. Kotsanos, Greece

# entrepreneur # yoga # digitalnomad

Being on Ozel’s meditative energy helped me go deeper into my practices. He naturally creates an atmosphere that is conducive for deep states of meditation. With his charming and supportive personality, his guidance is based on genuine willingness to help. His unconditional devotion to his spiritual journey is something admiring and truly inspiring

Nela, Mexico

# yogi # meditator # mindexplorer

Who am I?
i am a nomadic yogi, martial artist and meditation researcher
Authentic creation springs from the very seed of being. Amargi’s purpose is to help raise human consciousness and make a positive impact on the world. I believe that through my actions and creations, I can contribute to bringing about positive change and inspiring others. Amargi is committed to creating something truly transformative and meaningful – the recognition of who and what we truly are.

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