King Solomon
King Solomon
King Solomon
King Solomon
King Solomon

King Solomon

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700 wives, 300 concubines and 2.2 trillion dollars of gold, the renowned wise King looked to the heavens in search of higher wisdom. Building temples to heathen gods, decoding semi-sacred geometry. Strategic, political, magical, heathen poised King of Kings and Son of the Cosmos. His charisma so great that the famed Queen of Sheba crossed the Red Sea to visit him. The historical texts only state that “she left satisfied”. You damn right she did.

Because of the unique tying style of the Amargi Kimono, you can achieve a fitted looked regardless of waist size. The kimono is adjusted on the inside tie as desired, then tied over on the outside for a seamless look - or left totally open in warmer climates.

LIMITED EDITION - only 33 King Solomon kimonos will ever be made

Size: One Size

 Size  Chest Recommended Height
L 93-109 cm
(37-43 Inches)
172 - 191cm


Fabric Mix

Cotton  85 %
Linen 15%  


Care Instructions

Amargi kimonos are luxury yet durable garments designed to look good even after extreme use. Because of the cotton/linen fabric blend, the kimono looks more natural and form-fitting after continued usage - and especially after the first wash. Ideally, the Amargi kimono should be separately hand-washed cold  and hung to dry.



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