What is Amargi’s message?

Amargi, loosely translates to “freedom” in ancient Sumerian. However, their interpretation of the word “freedom” goes deeper – “restoration to one’s original state”. 

This is the message.

  • Amargi is Cosmic and Ancient. Conscious and Pagan. Duality at its best.
  • Amargi is for truth seekers. For those that ask the important questions in search of unusual answers.
  • Amargi is for those conscious fucking badasses that ground their feet to the earth while their crown chakra pulls towards the cosmos, connecting the two points and curating prana in between
  • Amargi is for free-thinkers, spiritual warriors, people unafraid to be themselves and to respectfully not give a FUCK.
  • Amargi is for those that remember or who want to remember. Cosmic knowledge, ancestral wisdom written in our DNA as homo sapiens.


 Are Amargi Kimonos Unisex?

Technically yes –  Amargi kimonos are adapted from traditional Japanese jinbei kimonos which can be worn by men or women. However, we have designed our 4 looks with men in mind – the material is stronger and more rigid and the personas are masculine as well. That said, what you want to wear and how you feel in it is ultimately it is up to you!


When will a women’s line be released?

We are planning on releasing a women’s line for Summer 2023


I just received my kimono, why is the fabric so stiff?

All Amargi kimonos are organic cotton and linen blends. We chose this fabric mix for environmental sustainability, durability and style. After the first wash, your kimono will already become less stiff. As you wear your kimono over time the fabric becomes more natural looking while maintaining it’s stylishness and durability.

How do I care for my new Amargi Kimono?

Please follow the care instructions:

What about returns?

We offer free returns and exchanges within 30 days.

For more information, check out our return policy